GlamTeam Tips: Try These 3 Lipstick Combos to Create a Customized Shade for You –

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GlamTeam Tips: Lipstick Combos To Turn Up Your Pout Game

GlamTeam Tips: Lipstick Combos To Turn Up Your Pout Game

Feb 07, 2020


Sarah Sallegue

Hey Glambabes, I know you love lipsticks as much as we do! Truth to be told, too much lipstick is never enough! Even if a girl holds a million lipsticks and a hundred more untouched ones, we catch ourselves checking out another lip product.

Either you’re itching to wear a new lip shade or still looking for the perfect shade, we have some #GlamTeamTips to help you create different shades by using only 2 lipsticks - Try to MIX & MATCH! With the Ofra Lip Duos, you can choose 2 shades from various color selection of nudes, berries, pinks, reds and browns.  

Just follow these tips that can help you choose which lipsticks perfectly go together to create a shade totally customized for you!

GlamTeam Tip #1

Choose a base color that is perfectly neutral to tone down bright or dark colors.

GlamTeam Tip #2

Mix shades in the similar color family. Start with a deep base and top it off with a lighter shade.

GlamTeam Tip #3

Feeling bold and extra? It’s the time to try mixing bright colors!

Go ahead and discover new and fresh lipsticks shades from the Ofra Lip Duos which includes 2 Ofra best-selling shades of your choice for only P450.00!

Share with us your favorite customized shades, Glambabes!




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