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Lifestyle Blogger Janeena Chan shares her Pixi Picks!

Lifestyle Blogger Janeena Chan shares her Pixi Picks!

Jan 29, 2019


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UK Beauty Brand, Pixi by Petra took my fancy since I was introduced to it at one Pixi x GlamourboxPH event sometime early this year. Fell in love with it since then and they’ve been a staple in my beauty kit. I personally admire the brand because it’s simple, straightforward, and especially because of its quality and heart—Paraben free, and not tested on animals! Woot woot!

Created by make-up artist Petra Strand, their brand DNA is all about producing skin-loving and skin-enhancing products that give off that natural, fresh, and ever-radiant glow. Something us ladies would love to be experts of in the realm of beauty and skin care!



Another uniquely PETRA thing about PIXI is that these beauty tools and enhancers were crafted with the modern woman in mind. Being a working mother herself, Strand made sure we could multi-task with her products! They’re not only “flaw-fixing”, but also youth-enhancing… Perfect for women who are always on the go. Fuss-free and flawless in a few minutes, is exactly what they’re all about, and what I’m all for!

Here are a few of my favorites from their skincare line!




This is where it all started! Got to try this cult favorite exfoliating toner when it launched here in Manila, and I must say, I understood what the hype was all about. It’s your magic toner if you have dull, dry and aging skin! It’s an alcohol-free toner that leaves you with a clearer complexion with aloe vera leaf juice that nourishes the skin, and witch hazel leaf extract + ginseng that cleanses, tightens, and refines the skin. No wonder they sell like hot cakes! Like all toners, this is best used after cleansing the face, both during the day and night.




Infused with Aloe Vera and Camelia Oil, these wipes gently remove dirt and oil, cleansing the face while keeping it calm and hydrated. I find these cleansing cloths a perfect refresher when you’re traveling, especially in warm places! They can also be used as a no-rinse make-up remover, but when you have heavier make-up on, I suggest a stronger solution. I personally use it more as a refresher and cleansing wipe, rather than to remove my make-up.




This bottle and I have been inseparable ever since we met! Providing deep moisture, this youth-preserving, fully refreshing mist infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Black Oat leaves my skin plump and moisturized any time of the day. The Hyaluronic Acid helps trap moisture in, while the Black Oat contains a ton of skin-loving ingredients such as vitamins B1, B2, and B6, provitamin A, and linoleic acid! I usually spray this onto my clean face as a first step before both my skin care regimen and make-up routine. It’s like my magic mist, to make sure everything’s set! I also never leave the house without it, it’s always in my beauty kit and I re-apply whenever I feel like my skin needs some quenching. Caution: It can get pretty addicting!




This is one powerful tub of pads. It’s an advanced exfoliating treatment that provides a quick and gentle exfoliation to the skin. Its primary ingredients include Glycolic Acid that stimulates cell turnover, Rose Water that hydrates and revitalizes, and Retinyl Palmitate that promotes collagen production. Altogether, its creates a formula that brightens the skin, minimizes breakouts and pores, and softens fine lines. Yes, please! Apply the pad onto your face, neck, and even at the tops of your hands according to the tub. Leave on the solution for about 2-3 minutes, and then rinse with cool water to neutralize the peel. Since this formulation contains Glycolic Acid, you have to pinky promise yourself to never miss SPF application everyday! If you have more sensitive skin, it’s best to consult your dermatologist first before using the product, or just be extra cautious in case irritation occurs. Other than that, you’re sure to glow over time with these peel pads! 




Perfect for all skin types, especially dull and dry skin, this nourishing face oil has become a favorite skincare essential! First of all, it smells so calming and soothing! It’s infused with rose geranium oils, pomegranate seed, jojoba, rosehip, and sweet almond. I end up smelling like a rose garden whenever I apply it on! It boosts the skin’s elasticity and natural glow, hydrates, and conditions tired skin, and restores its youthful natural glow. My skin always feels so supple and baby smooth whenever I use it. The bottle comes with a dropper, and all you’ll need is 2-3 drops per application. Massage it onto your face after cleansing and toning for best results.




And there you have it, just some of my favorite Skintreats from Pixi! There’s a ton more where these came from, available at Glamourbox! What are your favorite skin care products this season?

Keep glowing inside and out!




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