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Which Celebrity Eyebrow Are You?

Which Celebrity Eyebrow Are You?

Jan 29, 2019


glamourbox-store Admin

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - we’re absolutely obsessed with eyebrows here at Glamourbox HQ! There are just so many different kinds and shapes of eyebrows and even more brow products available! Below are four of our favorite Celebrity eyebrows. Read more and find out which Brow Babe you’re most like and which products are best for your brow type!


Kendall Jenner

If your brows are fleeking all on their own, like Kendall Jenner’s, but you still want to play them up a little bit, you can use a brow pencil like Eye of Horus’ Ultimate Brow Define! It’s a very thin pencil with a slightly hard formula that makes it easy for you to add little details like more strands at the front of your brows or to elongate the tails.



Gigi Hadid

For gorgeously arched brows with sparse hair like Gigi’s, all you’ll really need is an angled brow pencil like Eye of Horus’ Dual Brow Perfect to imitate the tapering shape of a strand of brow hair. This way, you can control how full you want your eyebrows to look!



Rosie Huntington-Whitely

For you Glambabes who want to have softly filled in brows like Rosie’s without the hassle of adding individual hairs, a brow powder product may be more for you! Try out Pop Beauty Brow Duette - they come in three shades for you to choose from.



Lily Collins

If you’re one of the rare specimens who have been #blessed with full and arched eyebrows like Lily Collins, we are absolutely green with envy! One product we can 10/10 recommend to you, however, is Pop Beauty’s Insta Brow Sealer In the Clear. You can use this product to keep the strands of your brows at their perfect shape and not have to worry about them flying about in the wind!

Figured out who your brow-sister is, yet? Discovered a new holy grail eyebrow product? 

You’re welcome.


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