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Why This Foundation is The Best Base for Every Filipina Skintone

Why This Foundation is The Best Base for Every Filipina Skintone

Jan 17, 2020


Sarah Sallegue

We all clamor for that flawless, poreless, #nofilter selfie. Not all skin types are created equal but there is one foundation that beauty junkies of all skin tones have raved about. It’s a lightweight, gel-based, non-greasy foundation (more like a tinted moisturizer), that feels like your skin, but only better.

The hype is true! We are talking about the Pixi H2O Skintint, a water based tinted face gel that provides light to medium coverage, perfect for everyday use. It contains Green Tea which provides antioxidants, Rose Water that deeply hydrates and Lavender to help soothe the skin.

Why we love it: Aside from its soft and supple finish on skin, it offers a range for various Filipina skintones. From light-skinned (No. 1 Cream) to medium-toned (No. 2 Nude) to morenas ( No. 3 Warm and No. 4 Caramel).

Skip the heavy feeling without leaving the coverage! Here’s some of the Pixi-loving Filipinas wearing Pixi’s H2O Skintint:

H2O Skintint 01 Cream

Kira Sancianco

IG: kmxcv

H2O Skintint 02 Nude

Gretchen Gatan-Fragada

IG: @gretchengatan


H2O Skintint 03 Warm

Jackie Go


Gen-zel De las Alas

IG: @genzeldelasalas

H2O Skintint 04 Caramel

Lia Andrea R. Moss

IG: @liandrearamos


Er Salazar

IG: @eriannesalazar

You feel good when you look good and there’s no better way wearing makeup that enhances your natural beauty. We call it as the your-skin-but-better effect. Find the perfect shade for you and shop here.

Looking for the right concealer to match your foundation shade? Pixi’s Pat Away comes in similar shades. Pat away can be used to conceal, contour and highlight! Shop here.




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