12 Lucky Shades According To Your Zodiac Sign

12 Lucky Shades According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Gong Xi Fa Cai!

On January 25, we’re saying goodbye to the previous lunar year and welcoming a new one: The Year of the Rat. This year is a time of new beginnings that are filled with luck, love, and a lot of open doors. By now you’ve probably searched through the web for your Chinese zodiac’s fortune and noted down lucky colors that attract the season’s blessings—we’ve done the exact same too!

We want to help you become your best self this year so we made you a list of makeup products that come in your zodiac’s lucky colors!


Year of the Rat 

It’s your year! It’s time to celebrate your wit and intelligence by keeping prosperity coming your way as you wear the colour Pink, as seen on Pixi’s MatteLast Liquid Lip in the shade Prettiest Pink!

Year of the Ox 

If you were born on the year of the Ox, your hardwork and dedication will be rewarded with good fortune through the colour Fuchsia Pink. You can find this lovely shade by pairing up Hollywood and Santa Monica in your own customizable Ofra Lip Duo!

Year of the Tiger 

They say those with the sign of the Tiger are unafraid of challenges and standing out. Double up on your lucky colour with a coat the Lashy Flashy Mascara in Purple Passion!  

Year of the Rabbit 

Kind-hearted people born under the Year of the Rabbit will thrive in this lunar year by wearing the shade Pink, and there’s no better way to wear this lucky color than by wearing it as a blush! Try out Pop Beauty’s Pow Wow Powder in Rockin’ Rouge. 

Year of the Dragon 

Ruby red, the perfect colour to represent the Dragon’s fiery spirit! The Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Brickell is for you, the most notable true red lip color that will keep your spirits high and confident.

Year of the Snake 

2020 will surely be a life-changing year for those born under the year of the snake. Power through this new lunar year with a positive outlook in life while wearing your lucky shade, Peach! Find this in the Ofra Blush in Bellini.

Year of the Horse 

The colour white can attract good fortune for the lively and energetic Year of the Horse. One product that can match your lucky colour and enthusiastic energy is Ofra’s Makeup Fixer that can keep your makeup locked in and ready to do more!

Year of the Goat 

If you were born in the year of the Goat, welcome the colour Black to your everyday essentials if you want to bring in good luck. Our suggestion? Yadah’s Perfect Drawing Pro Eyeliner that come in the truest black shade and are super easy to use.

Year of the Monkey 

Great fortune is coming your way when you wear the colour yellow this 2020! Check out Ofra’s Translucent Highlighting Luxury Powder that just so happens to come in a banana shade. Coincidence? We think not!

Year of the Rooster

Shine in the lucky colour silver if you were born on the year of the Rooster! Try out Pop Beauty’s sleek, silver packaging; we think you’ll stand out in their range of Pout on Point Lip Liners that are soft, creamy, and highly pigmented.

Year of the Dog

Keep something Indian red by your side this new lunar year to keep the good luck flowing! Indian red clothing, Indian red décor, and Indian red packaging—just like the stunning Be My Cushion from Yadah!

Year of the Pig

2020 is no year to be afraid of standing out for those under the Year of the Pig! Coat your lips and cheeks with the Be My Tint in Real Red to add a playful pop of colour.


With only a few days to go until Saturday’s celebration, we hope that this guide helped you find your fated product for the Year of the Rat!  

Catch all of these products on sale at 25% off starting January 24 until January 31 as we celebrate the new Lunar New Year. Don’t forget to use the code LUCKY25 at check out to get them for less! Plus, we’ve got free shipping on all orders until the end of the month too.


Happy Lunar New Year, Glambabe!


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