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Tips on How and Where to Apply Concealer for a Flawless Look

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What is concealer, if not the unsung hero of the makeup world? It is a magical product capable of hiding imperfections and brightening the complexion with a few strategic swipes. However, mastering the art of concealer application can be a daunting task for many.

If you want to learn how to apply concealer properly and make the most out of it, we're here to help. In this article, we'll discuss the process of using concealer and equip you with the knowledge to achieve flawless results. From placement to technique and everything in between, let's delve into the world of concealer application.

Where to Put Concealer

Concealer isn't a one-size-fits-all solution; its placement depends on the specific areas you wish to target. Here are the key areas where to apply concealer on your face:

Over Your Blemishes

Dab concealer directly onto any blemishes or imperfections you wish to disguise. Gently blend the edges to seamlessly integrate the concealer with your skin. Taking care to match the shade to your skin tone ensures a natural look.

For best results, use a makeup sponge or a clean fingertip to blend the concealer evenly. You should also allow the concealer to set for a minute before applying foundation or powder.

Under Your Eyes

Bid farewell to those pesky dark circles under your eyes with a simple trick: apply concealer in a triangular shape, starting from the inner corner of your eye, extending downwards towards your cheeks, and up towards your temples. This technique not only masks the darkness but also works wonders in brightening and lifting the entire eye area, giving you a refreshed and awake look.

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On Your Eyelids

Prepare your eyelids for eyeshadow by first priming them with a thin layer of concealer. This step is crucial as it helps even out your skin tone and provides a smooth base for your eyeshadow to adhere to.

By creating this flawless canvas, your eyeshadow colors will appear more vibrant and blend seamlessly. Remember to blend the concealer evenly across your lids and set it with a translucent powder to prevent creasing.

On the High Points of Your Face

Enhance your look by strategically using concealer on the prominent areas of your face. Apply it along the bridge of your nose, forehead, and chin to create a well-defined and radiant appearance.

This method not only conceals imperfections but also adds depth and brightness to your overall complexion. By focusing on these key areas, you can achieve a more sculpted and glowing look that accentuates your natural features beautifully.

Around Your Lips

Define your lip line and prevent lipstick from feathering by applying concealer around the edges of your lips. This technique not only helps in maintaining a clean and polished finish to your lip look but also ensures that your lipstick stays put without bleeding.

By creating a barrier with concealer, you can enhance the longevity of your lip color and achieve a more defined pout. It can also make your lips appear plumper and fuller.

Tips on How to Use Concealer

Now that we've identified where to apply concealer, let's explore some essential tips on how to apply concealer on your face:

Choose the Right Concealer Shade

Selecting the correct shade of concealer is paramount for achieving natural-looking coverage. For blemishes and dark spots, opt for a color-correcting concealer that neutralizes the specific undertones you wish to conceal.

For example, use a yellow-based concealer to counteract darkness under the eyes and a green concealer to cancel out redness. Meanwhile, if you want to brighten the undereye area, choose a concealer one to two shades lighter than your skin tone.

Pick the Right Formula

Consider your skin type when choosing a concealer formula. Although you might have a concealer makeup collection, it doesn't mean that a single type will suffice for all areas of your face.

Creamy concealers, like the Pixi Correction Concentrate, with a thicker consistency work well for dry or mature skin by offering hydration and preventing creasing. On the contrary, opt for concealers with a matte finish if you have oily skin. This type of concealer can assist in managing shine and guarantee enduring coverage.

2 small tubs of Pixi Correction Concentrate


You can also experiment with different formulas and application techniques to find what works best for you. As long as you listen to your skin's needs, you'll be able to achieve a flawless look.

Tap to Blend

When blending concealer, use a tapping motion rather than dragging or swiping. Otherwise, you'll risk diffusing your concealer too much and losing the coverage you desire.

The tapping technique ensures seamless integration with your skin and prevents streakiness. You can use a damp makeup sponge or your fingertips for this step, applying light pressure to achieve a natural-looking finish.

Set and Bake

To prolong the wear of your concealer and prevent creasing, set it with a translucent setting powder. Apply a thin layer of powder using a fluffy brush, focusing on the areas where you've applied concealer.

For extra staying power, try the baking technique. Apply a generous amount of powder to the concealed areas and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then, gently dust away the excess with a brush. Just be careful not to apply too much powder as it can cause your makeup to look cakey.

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Don't Overapply

When it comes to concealer, less is often more. Applying an excessive amount can result in a cakey, unnatural appearance.

To avoid this, begin by using a small quantity and layering coverage as necessary. Keep in mind that you can add more product if needed, but it is challenging to remove excess once applied. By starting with a light touch and gradually adjusting, you can achieve a natural and flawless look effortlessly.

Achieve a Flawless Makeup Look

Discovering how to apply your concealer properly is a game-changer for achieving a flawless complexion. By understanding where to apply concealer and implementing the right techniques, you can effortlessly conceal imperfections, brighten your complexion, and enhance your natural beauty. So, arm yourself with these tips, experiment with different shades and formulas, and embark on your journey to radiant, flawless skin.

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