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Retinol Benefits - Everything You Need to Know

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Retinol has become a cult favorite because of its anti-aging, cell rejuvenation, and skin-evening properties that keep skin clear, elastic, and healthy. Its multi-tasking capabilities make it the ultimate skincare ingredient. Retinol’s benefits for the skin are enough to make anyone reach for a bottle that’s formulated with this ingredient.

But what exactly is retinol? Learn all about this powerful ingredient below.

What is retinol?

Retinol is a type of retinoid. Retinoids are hormones that are derived from Vitamin A. As a Vitamin A derivative, retinoids are capable of binding to skin cells and their receptors, influencing your skin’s processes on every level.

There are many types of retinoids, but retinol is the most potent over-the-counter ingredient. Its efficiency in handling the most common signs of aging gives it a deserving spot in any skincare routine.

For those who prefer plant-based skincare routines, retinol has a plant-based alternative derived from the babchi plant.

So, no matter your skincare product preferences, there’s a retinol product that can seamlessly fit into your routine.

What are the benefits of retinol for the skin?

Retinol is making its way into a variety of skincare products. Whether it’s a cream or a serum, the benefits of retinol are guaranteed to make a strong anti-aging product.

With just a dab of the retinol-infused product, users can experience the following benefits:

Boosts collagen production

Collagen is a protein that helps build muscles, bones, and skin. Its role is to provide your body with structure and strength.

As retinol promotes collagen production, your skin will benefit from getting thicker skin. It can also aid in repairing existing wrinkles while preventing new ones from forming.

Prevent signs of aging

Because of the boosted collagen production, your skin has a higher turnover of superficial skin cells. This effect minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

Cell differentiation

Studies have shown that retinoids can aid in stem cell differentiation. Stem cell differentiation’s prized effect is in speeding up the development, maintenance, and repair of skin, which brings out brighter, smoother, and clearer skin.

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Evens skin tone

Retinoids are keratolytics that can exfoliate the top layer of the skin, which can help decrease hyperpigmentation. Continued use of retinol products will surely help you achieve radiant skin.

Improves pores

Not only will retinol decrease the appearance of pores, but it can also improve cell adhesion and lessen the chances of comodogenic product buildup, which means less risk of breakouts.

Control oil production

Because retinol accelerates cell turnover, your body sheds dead cells much faster, which can help control oil production.


Research has proven that retinoids have anti-inflammatory and comodogenesis properties that can aid in treating acne. This is why most dermatologists prescribe products with retinoids to treat acne breakouts.

When to use retinoids?

Seeing how retinoids have numerous benefits, you must be itching to add products infused with this ingredient to your routine, like the Pixi Retinol Eye Cream. However, before you click “buy,” you should understand when the best time is to add retinoids to your skincare routine. The short answer? It depends.

There is no clear indication of when you should add retinol to your routine. Most people start in their mid-20s to get a head start on preventing signs of aging, while others start much younger because their dermatologists have prescribed retinol for their skin issues.

For those in tropical countries who are exposed to the sun more often, we recommend starting earlier because sun damage does a great deal to your skin.

When to avoid using retinoids?

The potency of retinol makes it hazardous for certain groups such as pregnant women and individuals with skin conditions such as acute rosacea and eczema.

If you have other skin conditions, it’s best if you consult your dermatologist first before proceeding to add retinoids to your routine.

What should you remember when using retinol?

If you’ve got your mind set on adding retinoids to your skincare routine, you’ll need to have a couple of things in place.

Here are some tips to remember when using retinoids:

Use sunblock

The truth of the matter is that retinoids don’t make your skin more vulnerable to the sun. It does, however, accelerate your skin’s regeneration sloughing off old skin for newer one.

It’s the new skin that’s sensitive to the sun so, to protect your supple skin from sun damage, make sure to apply and reapply sunblock religiously.

Apply it at night

Exposure to the sun can make retinoids unstable and deactivate its effects. This is why it’s best if you apply retinol products at night.

Have your skincare basics in place

Adding new products to your skincare routine can change your face’s pH level. Especially if you’re using an active ingredient, like retinol, that can react to other ingredients.

Finding a set of products that complement each other, like the Pixi Glow Tonic and Retinol Serum set, guarantees that you’ll be getting products that work well together.

Additionally, knowing your skin type is also essential to building a skincare routine and knowing where you can add retinol to it. For example, if you have dry skin, you may benefit more from retinol creams because of their hydrating properties versus other products.

Pixi Glow Tonic and Retinol Serum

Start low

Retinol is such a potent ingredient that it can cause mild skin irritations if applied in large quantities. This is why it’s recommended that you start with a low-strength retinoid, wider application intervals, and smaller amounts. That way, you can give your skin the time it needs to get used to the ingredient and develop a tolerance for it.

Consult your doctor

Finally, if you’re unsure about adding retinol to your skincare routine because of skin conditions, consult your doctor. Getting professional guidance in building a sustainable skincare routine is essential to its success.

Going all in with retinol

Retinol has solidified its status as one of the ultimate ingredients for skincare. It stimulates your cells to rejuvenate your body and ensures that your skin is healthy. Investing in retinoid products will surely make you want to flaunt your radiant skin.

Ready to get started? Then, time to go shopping! Visit Glam.ph today!

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