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Top 6 Benefits of Setting Spray

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There's nothing more annoying than spending several minutes to hours applying and perfecting your makeup only to have it run and melt after a few hours. This does not only waste the makeup products you used but also leaves you looking disheveled and unpresentable.

Unfortunately, this is the reality for most people here in the Philippines. Because of the humidity and heat in the country, it's almost inevitable for makeup to smudge and melt away.

However, there are some ways that you can make sure your makeup stays put regardless of the weather or temperature. One of the best methods is using a setting spray.

Why is Setting Spray Necessary?

Although you might think that the setting spray is an unnecessary product marketed by brands to gain more money, it can actually provide you with a lot of benefits.

Gives a Matte Finish

Setting sprays are designed to give your makeup a matte finish that lasts all day. This helps keep your face looking fresh and prevents the dreaded shine or greasy look we usually get during humid days.

Using a setting spray after finishing your makeup will also help you avoid excessive oil throughout the day. This then allows your makeup to stay on your face regardless of the heat or humidity.

Makes Your Makeup Last

Ensuring that your makeup lasts all day long might be quite challenging without a setting spray. One of the greatest benefits of this product is that it helps seal your makeup to make sure you can keep the look you've spent several minutes doing.

Setting sprays also help you avoid the common problem of makeup fading away after a few hours. This means you won't have to worry about your blush, highlighter, or lipstick disappearing throughout the day.

Hydrates Your Skin

Another reason why setting spray is necessary for your makeup routine is that it does not only benefit how your makeup looks. This product also keeps your skin hydrated even when covered with layers of products.

If you have dry skin, you might notice that your makeup cracks after a few hours of wear. Setting spray is the best product to use in this case because it helps prevent this from happening and keeps your skin supple and hydrated all day long.

It is also recommended that you use the best setting spray for dry skin specifically designed for our weather. A product like the Pixi Glow Mist helps keep the heat and humidity away while giving you a flawless and smooth look throughout the day.

Refreshes Your Look

You can also use a setting spray to refresh your look if it has been fading away. All you need to do is spritz some on a makeup brush or damp beauty sponge and then lightly pat it onto your face.

Doing this throughout the day can help you ensure that your makeup stays put. This is especially helpful during your more hectic days when you need your look to last for hours on end.

Gives You a Flawless Base

The benefits of setting spray do not only apply to the last few steps of your makeup routine. You can also use this product when applying the base of your makeup if you want to get an airbrushed, more skin-like look.

To achieve this, you need to spritz a little bit of your setting spray on a damp makeup sponge. Then, you can use the sponge to apply your foundation and make sure it is blended into the skin perfectly. Doing this can also help you avoid any cakey or patchy spots.

Makes Colors More Vibrant

Using a setting spray can also help you make sure that the colors of your makeup look more vibrant throughout the day. This is because a setting spray helps keep your makeup in place, which then prevents it from fading or smudging away.

With a little bit of help from a setting spray, all the eye shadow shades and lipsticks you used will stay put and look just as vibrant as when you first applied them. This is especially helpful if you have to attend special occasions and want to show off your talent and beauty!

Benefits of Setting Spray

Keep Your Makeup Intact All Day Long

At the end of the day, the setting spray works as a protective barrier that prevents any dirt, sweat, and oil from damaging your makeup. It also helps keep your look intact all day, no matter what you are doing or how much time passes.

So, if you want to make sure that all of the efforts you put into your makeup look is not wasted, then make sure to invest in the best setting spray for dry skin or your skin type. This product can make all of the difference and make sure that your gorgeous look stays put!

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