Pure Culture Bulgarian Rose Everything Elixir

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Just like how you take on different roles, the Bulgarian Rose Everything Elixir is a graceful amalgamation— micellar water meets face mist, meets toner, meets makeup remover. It cleanses, hydrates, and increases collagen production in one easy, refreshing step. This gentle, no-rinse formula diminishes pores, spots, fine lines and wrinkles brought about by premature aging. 

  • You see the benefits of the 11-step skincare but understand that there is a more mindful, minimalist way to get to radiant, healthy skin that transcends age
  • You have wanted to try Retinol but are worried about purging and carcinogenic preservatives used in traditional Retinol
  • You want to hydrate your skin and feed it the essentials for well-aging skin: Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic

Cleansing: Soak cotton pad and lightly swipe on skin to remove dirt and makeup.

Re-energize: Spray directly on skin. Or spray on clean hands or cotton pad then pat-dab on skin.

Prep & Set: Use as a makeup mist. Follow up with sunscreen if used during the day.

Mindful ritual: Using palms and fingertips, lightly pat-dab on skin starting from the center of the face, moving outward toward cheeks then ears. Pause and breathe deeply in between.

Bulgarian Rose Flower Water

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